GWM 4D20 VGT Crankshaft


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The following outlines the tightening sequence and torque specifications for the GWM 4D20 VGT Crankshaft that we supply.

This crankshaft assembly incorporates 10 main bearing cap bolts and 11 hexagonal flange bolts in the lower cylinder block. To ensure the optimal performance and life of the crankshaft, it is critical to adhere to the correct tightening process, which we’ve detailed below.

In a tri-step angular tightening sequence, progressively tighten the main bearing cap bolts:

Initial tightening should be done to a torque specification of 40±3N.m.
For the second step, rotate your torque wrench 90 degrees clockwise.
Complete the process with a final 90-degree clockwise rotation of the wrench in the third step.
Furthermore, the hexagonal flange bolts should be tightened to a specific torque value of 24±2Nm.

It is imperative to follow these specific instructions to maintain the integrity of the crankshaft and ensure its peak operational efficiency. Proper installation will also contribute significantly towards the longevity and reliable performance of the crankshaft.

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